The Blogger
Hazel Asoy is a Personal Blogger who started he journey in the year 2011. She owned various blogs and started in Tumblr. Blogging is one of the few things she enjoyed the most. Thus, no matter how many times she wanted to say goodbye to the world of blogging, she kept coming back.

Hazel is a Registered Criminologist, owner of The Vogue Shelter, and a millennial who strives to experience and learn more about what life can offer. She also offers freelance services (writing and virtual assistance) for start-up companies and brands. 
Behind "Wannderzel"
Wannderzel is not a travel blog. Wannderzel is the product of combining my two first names (Hazel Ann) with the words "wander" and "wonderful". This blog is about the things that tickles her fancy. 

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