Twenty-two Lessons in Twenty-two Years

November 4, 2017

Having the chance to enjoy what life has to offer is something I am thankful for. Even though there are times when I just want to give up, here I am, continuously learning how to be the master of my own life.

Every day of my life serves as a channel to learn a thing or two. But, there are twenty-two things I wish I knew sooner. The twenty-two lessons I learned in twenty years.

1.     Rotten guys come and go; a real man will stay forever. If he truly loves you, he will stay. You can’t make someone stay if they don’t want to.
2.     Pleasing every single person is not a job. Don’t waste your time and energy changing yourself just to be loved by everyone. It won’t happen anyway.
3.     It's okay not to be okay. Just because you're not feeling okay today, doesn't mean you should feel sorry for yourself. All of us have our own low points. 
4.     Never stop learning. Learn a new skill, join a webinar, attend a conference and seminar, read a book or whole set of it. Life is a continuous process of learning.
5.     Failures are not failures unless you let it be. Let failures be the fuel to push yourself harder. Let it be the motor to drive you towards your goal.
6.     Life is so much better when you learn to go with the flow.
7.     A life without problems and challenges is boring. 
8.  The best kind of love you'll get is the one that you give to yourself. Treat yourself every now and then. You deserve that pampering, queen!
9.     Sleep is for the weak. You're weak! Go ahead and sleep as much as possible.
10. Nothing beats the importance of keeping yourself hydrated. 
11. Don't be afraid or sad when you're opinion doesn't match the crowd. It's alright to be unique from time to time and even most of the time. 
12. Learn to say NO. Make the most out of the choices and stop saying "YES" when you want to say "NO".
13.Meet new people, build new friendships, and cherish old acquaintances. Widen your horizon by meeting new people. But never forget the ones who were there when you’re younger.
14. Let go of other people's dream. Know what you're dreaming of. Work for it. Achieve it.
15. Invest in yourself. Because “YOU” matter. So, whether you want to be an artist, to travel the world, to quit the 9-5 job, to let go of a long-term relationship with your significant other; as long as it will make you happy and free, just do it.
16. No matter how many times you experienced betrayal (from people you trust and life itself) never lose hope. 
17. You will meet real people at the lowest point of your life.
18. Money can't buy happiness. 
19. The best stress reliever is having someone who understands and accepts you no matter how flawed you are. Find someone who can be your stress reliever. A friend, special someone, family member, or our great Creator. 
20. Your family will be there no matter what happens in your life. And no one in this world can ever love you more than the way they do. 
21. Competing with other people is useless. The only person you should compete with is your past self. 
22.  You are where you should be. No need to rush. Life is a work in progress, this isn't a race. 

How old/ young are you? What are the lessons you learned over time? 

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