Generation D: First Blogapalooza Experience

November 30, 2017

One of my goals this year is to attend blogging events. That's why I'm really excited for this year's Blogapalooza event.

Blogapalooza is an annual blogger's event that showcases talented bloggers, media partners, and brands. This blogging event allows bloggers to find brands to work with and collaborate with other bloggers.

This was my first time to attend an event like this and I'm pretty excited and nervous. Considering that I don't know how to commute to City of Dreams, the feelings are totally mixed.
Since the event will start at 10:00 AM, I had to leave home at 8:00 AM and I actually arrived at the location at more or less 11:30 AM.

When I got to City of Dreams, I immediately roam around the Grand Ballroom to check the booths and look for Alfox Printing Service (I ordered business cards the night before and I'm really excited to get it).
After that, I was hooked watching and listening to the panelists and their talks about their blogging expertise.
I don't have any plans to finish the event because #adulting and #worklife is still the top priority for that day. Thus, I just enjoyed every minute that I was there. 
Blogapalooza prepared a bunch of activities for the bloggers.

With Gian Viterbo of and Lloyd Cadena after they shared insightful tips on how to create compelling video contents. Plus, they shared some tips and tricks on how to catch viewers attention to hit the subscribe button.

Did you attend the Blogapalooza event too? 

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