Product Review: Jaguar 10,050 mAh Powerbank

September 25, 2017

On-the-go. A term usually tagged to most millenials. We’re always out and about. Our feet are always itching for a new adventure. We’re always ready to conquer the world, one step or trip at a time.

I, myself is always on-the-go. Going here and there and commuting from one point to the other. I enjoy being always out and exploring new places in the Metro.

Although I’m enjoying my stay here in Manila, I make it a point to constantly communicate with my family. I always update my mother whenever I’m not in our apartment. At times, I send random photos to my siblings to show where I’m currently at.

Since I always use my phone to communicate, its battery is almost always drained. Luckily, I have my jaguar powerbank in my bag. I bought the Jaguar powerbank from Kimstore for 550 php.
10,050 mAh Capacity

Before using the Jaguar powerbank, I used and trusted Juiceboxx. It is a solar-powered powerbank that works great in different gadgets. I reviewed the Juiceboxx powerbank in one of my previous blogs. After using it for several months, I can say that it’s one of the best powerbanks I’ve ever used. Thus, when I finally received the Jaguar powerbank, I’m quite skeptical. I don’t know if it can pass my expectation.

Glad to say that the Jaguar powerbank doesn’t disappoint. Its 10,050 mAh capacity is real. It can charge my smartphone (3,100 mAh) for 2-3 times.

Fast charging

Whenever I charge my phone, I can’t wait for it to fully charge. The Jaguar powerbank is equipped with a fast-charging technology. It can fully charge my smartphone in two hours. On the other hand, when I charge it using a wall charger or generic powerbank, it takes about 3 or 4 hours to fully charge.

Built-in flashlight

I love 2-in-1 products. It’s also true when it comes to gadgets. The 10,050 mAh Jaguar powerbank comes with a flashlight feature. The light has 4 modes that can be turned on or off using the same power button for the powerbank.

Overall, I love the Jaguar powerbank and I think it’s a good buy. This is a great powerbank most especially for people who rely on their phones and gadgets. The only downside I noticed is the plastic surface of the powerbank. It’s white and prone to scratches and dirt. In addition to that, the USB cable is too short. Other than those two not-so-good features, I love this Jaguar powerbank and I’m planning to get the 20,000 mAh once I bought a new phone. 

What's the powerbank that you're using?

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