Unisan's Finest: Malatandang Beach

April 26, 2017

A kilometer away from the national highway, there's a white-sand beach waiting for visitors. Malatandang beach is located in the municipality of Unisan in Quezon, province. Unlike other beaches in Quezon such as Borawan and Cagbalete, Malatandang beach is infamous. 

I first heard about Malatandang Beach from one of my classmates who lives in Unisan. She told me that it is one of the best beaches in Quezon. Since it is strategically located near our place, I made sure that I will visit it together with my sisters. 

So, last month, my supportive and beach-lover sisters and me decided to visit Malatandang Beach just for fun. Actually, papa is hesitant to allow us to go there. Duh! Strict parents will always be strict no matter how old they children get. Anyways, he wasn't able to stop us since he's busy in our farm. 
*photo from La Familia Viajera*
We rode a mini bus bound to Unisan and paid 10 php for the fare. We just told the driver that we're going to Malatandang Beach because I don't know where we should alight. 

How to get there:

From Lucena Grand Terminal: 

Ride a mini bus (60 php) or van (80-90 php) bound to Unisan and tell the driver that you're going to Malatandang Beach.

From SM City Lucena:

Ride a van (80-90 php) bound to Unisan.

You can either alight in the town proper or in Brgy. Ilayang Kalilayan. If you choose to alight in the town proper, you can hire a tricycle and pay for 60 php to 80 php. On the other hand, if you alight in Brgy. Ilayang Kalilayan, there are some tricycles passing by and the fare is 10 php per person.

Things to Remember:

  • No need to worry about entrance or environmental fees because it is totally FREE.
  • Make sure to rent a bamboo cottage for 100 php. 
  • There are other resorts in the area.
  • Be careful with the nasty jellyfishes (dikya or salabay) These creatures are rampant during summer season. Best if you will bring first aid kit.
  • There's a comfort room but the lines tend to get super long we ended up not taking a bath. ( Hahaha! We rode the mini bus and our clothes are still wet.)
  • You can buy junk foods and others in the store near the beach. 
  • Re-apply sunblock as often as you need to. 

I don't have any plans to blog about this trip because I don't like the feeling when I feel like I am compelled to go to a place for the sake of having something to post on the blog. In this spontaneous trip with my sisters, we just swam and sunbathe until our skins are tanned. And my skin is so tanned I don't want to go for another beach trip in the next two months or so.

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