Travel Book Blogger Getaway: Three-day Adventure Diary (Day 2)

December 16, 2016

26 November 2016

It's the second day of our blogger getaway. The weather seems a lot better than it was yesterday. The sun is peaking and the ducks are quacking. According to the itinerary, we will have two team buildings. All of us were excited and ready to face the muddy obstacle. Plus, all of us are competitive enough to show the opponents that we can do everything to finish the team building with a victory. 
*credits to Mommy Erica of The Girl with the Muji Hat*

But before we pour our energy to the team building, we went to the clubhouse to enjoy breakfast. Right after that, everyone prepared for the main event. 

We are divided into two groups: team Bibe and team Mountain Lake. Of course, we need to cheer ourselves so the game masters told us to make a cheer. I'm from group one with Evo, Kim, Shiela, Lloyd, Pia, Liway, and Erica. Isn't it obvious what we used in our cheer? 

I'm excited to finish the obstacle course so I volunteered to be the first man of our group. The first obstacle is a slide and I forgot that I am afraid with a slide. Well, I'm not afraid of it. It's just that I am afraid to fall. I hesitated for quite some time but I have to go ahead because I am competitive. I did my best to finish the obstacle course as soon as I can.

The team building was all fun and games. It didn't feel like we're competing because we just enjoyed the activities. After the team building, we had the chance to try other activities in Mountain Lake Resort. I tried kayaking and it was fun. I also tried the swan boat but it made me feel dizzy. I do want to try the zip line but my clothes are still wet and as a precautionary measure, they don't allow guests to zip line with wet clothes. We just proceed to the clubhouse to eat lunch.  We enjoyed the activities so much that we don't mind running around with wet and dirty clothes. 

The next phase of the team building is the eco team building. The obstacle course is easier than what I expected. Aside from that, we skipped the slide since we had enough of the first slide. The group two or team Mountain Lake played first and I'm still the first man in our group. The obstacle course is shorter and easier to finish. All of us can't stop laughing while enjoying the muddy obstacle. However, our team didn't win but it's definitely ok!

After all the crawling and laughing and running in the mud, finally, we can go to the pool and swim. I chose not to swim because the wind blows and I'm not good at dealing with cold temperature. While everyone's enjoying the free time, Allan of The Filipino Rambler initiated fun games. An hour or two was spent in the pool to play games and laugh. This getaway is truly fun and beyond words!
This time, our dinner location isn't in the clubhouse. I was expecting that they will serve a few dishes for us to try. But, to our surprise, Mountain Lake Resort prepared a sumptuous dinner. They served bulalo, grilled cream dory, crispy pata, pinakbet, and more. I ate too much but I want to eat more. Every dish is delicious! 

The next few hours was spent for karaoke and raffles. I won a gift from Sidlan and we received a loot bag filled with goodies from Century Tuna, Cetaphil, Celeteque, Alfox Printing Services, Zalora, Escape Hunt, Mystery Manila and Vivo Lumio.

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