What's in my Backpack: TravelBook Blogger Getaway Edition

November 25, 2016

If we're friends on social media sites (please do add me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page and so on: @wannderzel), most probably, you saw my post about me winning in one of Travel Book's contests. You can read my entry about the five hotels and resort perfect for team building activities

Even after a few days, I can't believe that I won and I'm going out on an adventure. I just want to show you what's in my backpack. Plus, tips on how to pack light and more. This post is the beginning of my attempt to transition from a beauty blog to a travel blog.
My light blue backpack is from Beverly Hills Polo Club. Shout out to my BF for giving me this.
It has one pocket in front, two side pockets and a laptop compartment inside. Nothing fancy but it can carry all my essentials.

01. Rolled clothes
One of the common tips that I know for sure you knew already is rolling the clothes instead of folding. Aside from rolling the clothes, it also helps to use rubber bands to secure it. I brought several pieces of clothing that shout comfort. I have two pairs of leggings, shorts, undies and bikinis, long sleeves, tank tops and cardigan.

02. Microfiber towel
Ever since we started using microfiber towels, we can't go back to the generic ones. There's something magical with microfiber towels. 

03. Bullet kikay kit
It is an old umbrella case that I find suitable for my beauty essentials. It holds roll on perfume, tweezer, argan oil (from Leiania), EB eyebrow pencil, Nichido Eyeliner and Mascara duo, Maybelline lipstick, Eco Skin Love's lip balm, Blush & Kiss lip and cheek tint.

04. Action camera, power bank, charger and cable (plus a puppy)
I will borrow a DSLR but I chose not to. I think it's bulky and will make it hard for me to commute alone. I will use my action camera and phone to take photos and videos of the entire getaway.

05. Liliw sandals
I chose comfy sandals over flipflops because it can look good in any outfit. 

06. Miscellaneous items
I guess I'm bringing too much for this trip. As much as I want to pack light, I just can't. No matter what I do, I can't pack light. Even my everyday bag contains too many items I don't use on a daily basis. I tend to hoard stuff I don't really need and this isn't an exception. 

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