Travel Book Blogger Getaway: Three-day Adventure Diary (Day 1)

November 29, 2016

25 November 2016

Woke up with a "not-so-good" kind of weather. It's raining so hard and my body is longing for more sleep. But, I won't let my lazy butt get the most out of this once in a lifetime experience. 

Quickly, I jump out of the bed and ate my breakfast. Took a bath and I'm good to go. I have to stop by at a net cafe to save and schedule blog posts. Afterward, I took the jeep going to Lucena Grand Central Terminal and found the spot for the jeepneys bound to Sta. Cruz and Cavinti. I asked the barter for the fare and he told me that it will cost 55 php. I am the first passenger, so I already prepared myself that I need to wait for at least an hour. 

Fast forward, I told the driver that I'm going to Mountain Lake Resort. He then told me that it would be difficult for me to go there since I'm alone. And yes, I had a hard time that I had to stop in the terminal. The tricycle drivers keep on telling me that the fare to Mountain Lake Resort would cost 300 php. Of course, the poor girl in me didn't agree with that pricey fare. I decided to walk and a tricycle passed by and told the driver that I was heading to Lumot terminal near the cemetery. From the terminal, the trip lasted for 20 minutes and I paid 25 php only. 
Lucena Grand Central Terminal to Cavinti: 50 php
Cavinti junction to Lumot terminal: 10 php
Lumot terminal (cemetery) to Sta. Lucia gate: 25 php

Time of arrival
Lucena Grand Central Terminal: 8:00 AM
Cavinti: 10:30 AM
Mountain Lake Resort Clubhouse: 11:20 AM

I expected that the weather in Laguna would be quite different. But I am completely wrong. The rain is pouring nonstop and the wind blows hysterically. I have to wait for the others here at the clubhouse and I chose to type the introduction of my travel diary. Since I didn't bring a DSLR, and I'm glad that I didn't, I have to sit for quite some time and wait for the other bloggers to arrive. The staffs are accommodating. Special thanks to Ms. Veronica for the warm welcome. 
After a few moments, Travel Book team, as well as the other bloggers, came. We headed to the dining area. Mountain Lake Resort offered lunch: sisig, sinigang na baboy, savory chicken and caldereta. It was a sumptuous meal for us. The lunch was followed by the introduction spearheaded by the Travel Book team
The weather is truly disappointing. Imagine, the whole week has been sunny and when the day of the getaway came, typhoon Marce entered the PAR. We feel like Marce is sabotaging the whole event. 
Because of that, the itinerary wasn't followed. We are instructed to stay in the room which helps us bond with the other bloggers. Personally, I enjoyed the staycation as it gives us the chance to get to know each other and share stories. My roommates are all first-timers in the field of joining such kind of event. 

After dinner, we proceed to the function room to play games. Before we start with the charades, Travel Book team chose a winner of Zalora and Escape Hunt gift certificate. I'm lucky I won.
Basically, the highlight of the day is the chance to meet new friends who share the same passion for blogging and traveling.

This three-day blogger getaway is organized by Blogger Affiliate Program in partnership with Mountain Lake Resort - Caliraya. Special thanks as well to our generous sponsors, Céleteque Philippines, Alfox Printing Services, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (555 Tuna), Vivo Lumio, Cetaphil Philippines, Mystery Manila, Totem Philippines, Escape Hunt Manila, LazerXtreme, Sidlan, and Zalora Philippines.

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