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November 3, 2016

I have already forgotten the last time I had the initiative to sit down and think about something I can blog. And now that my mind is already instructing my fingers to encode one word after the after, I realized that I miss blogging. More than that, I missed sharing my thoughts and what nots.

For almost three months, I buried myself in front of my reviewers. I tried to forget blogging for as long as I can. And it's a shame because I have several products I need to review. Gosh, I am such an irresponsible blogger. So, one of the products I received came from Natural Skin Cosmetics- a bundle of lip and cheek tint. 

Without further ado, let me introduce a new lip and cheek tint brand that you will surely love after the cut.

Lip and cheek tint aren’t my thing. Well, I love two in one products but I find it hard to blend the tint in my cheeks. Plus, my lips have the tendency to dry out whenever I use tints. What I only like about lip and cheek tints is the fact that it can last for hours without the need to retouch. That’s a huge point for someone like me who’s too lazy to retouch. 

The owner of Natural Skin Cosmetics sent me three adorable shades of lip and cheek tint from their Blush and Kiss Collection- Hyacinth, Sweet Pea and Poppy. My favorite among the three is the one in Sweet Pea.

Name: Blush and Kiss (Hyacinth, Sweet Pea, Poppy)

Brand/ Shop: Natural Skin Cosmetics

Price: 150 php/ SALE: 120 php

Size: 10 ml
I noticed three important things about these lip and cheek tints. First, it is not bitter in taste. Yes, I tried to taste this. Hahaha. I’m hesitating because most of the lip and cheek tint are too bitter. But these are not. Second, the tint or pigments are not OA. It doesn’t give off shocking pigment at first swipe. At first, I thought that the formula might not be too concentrated. It actually works great for me since I can control the intensity of the pigment. It’s buildable, most especially as a cheek tint. Third, the pigment last long. Yes, I know! Lip and cheek tint are created to last long. But since my skin is oily and sweaty, makeup can’t last that long in my face, specifically in my cheeks. Natural Skin Cosmetics’ tint last for 6 to 8 hours without any touch up or what. Plus, the colors she sent are suitable for my skin color (morena and proud). It looks nice in my cheeks even after 4 hours. But, it doesn’t last long in my lips.That's the only downside I noticed.

Overall, I loved the lip and cheek tints because the formula are better than the ones I tried before. The lip and cheek tint from Natural Skin Cosmetics get a 9/10 rating for me and I recommend to ladies out there who are till looking for the perfect lip and cheek tint that's worth being stashed in the makeup kit.

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