Five Hotels and Resorts Perfect for Team Building Activities

November 17, 2016

Quezon...  my province. The place where I spent 99.99% of my life. I was born and raised in Quezon and I don't have plans to leave our province. But of course, I make it a point to visit other provinces nearby. In short, I have a fair share of travel experience in different parts of CALABARZON, except in Rizal. I've been to Tagaytay, Silang, Calamba, Canlubang, San Pablo, Tuy, and so on. What makes the region a good place to visit is the fact that it is near the capital of the country. Plus, CALABARZON has it all! This region of ours is blessed with natural sceneries that can make wanderlust people fall in love. Beaches, caves, falls, festivals, foods, name it and we have it.

And now that the holiday is just around the corner, for sure, you and your friends or colleagues are planning to make the much coveted team building come to life. To help make the team building experience memorable, make sure that you will book thru TravelBook.PH and here as my top five hotels and resorts picks for you after the cut.

You've probably heard, read or watched somewhere about Pico de Loro Cove in Hamilo Coast, Batangas. He you seen those photos and videos online? Aren't those enough to entice your entire team to check in Pico Sands Hotel located just a few walks away from the cove. Pico Sands Hotel offers the mix of luxury and adventure to satisfy the hunger for thrill and excitement your group is longing for.

If your team is fond of going for long walks in the shoreline, beach volleyball or other sports and games, the Paseo Verde Beach Resort is worth a shot. The Paseo Verde Beach Resort is one of the best choice for big groups, may it be a company team building or family reunion. 

The Katungkulan Beach Resort is tagged as the "Boracay de Cavite". There's no wonder with that because the Katungkulan Beach Resort takes pride in its crystal clear waters and fine white sands. If you want to spend a day or two in the resort, you can either rent cottages or ask your team members to bring tents. Eating marshmallows and spending the night around a bon fire is a good bonding activity.

This list wouldn't be complete if I wouldn't add any hotel and resort from my own province. Batis Aramin Resort and Hotel is one of the leading and most sought after venue here in Quezon. The resort has a spacious ground that is definitely perfect for team building activities. To be honest, most of the organizations in our university opt to hold various activities in Batis Aramin because of its scenic location. In addition to that, it is located in Lucban, just across the Kamay ni Hesus. 

Last but definitely not the least is the Mountain Lake Resort. Haven't been in this one and I would love to try what this resort has to offer. Just like the other hotels and resorts mentioned, the Mountain Lake Resort is a perfect location for team building activities. But, unlike the others, Mountain Lake Resort boasts its ATV and other exciting and fun activities for everyone. Just by looking at the photos and videos online, I am already hooked with Mountain Lake Resort.

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