Five Ways to Reward Yourself before the Year Ends

November 26, 2016

How's the last quarter of 2016, folks? Hope you're doing fine! And I do hope that you achieved more than what you deserve and listed on your to-do list, bucket list, and resolution. But, no matter what happened to your life this year, this season is the best time to give yourself a break and reward YOU. 'Coz you deserve more than just a pampering! You need more than that as a reward. And what I mean with reward is the kind that will make you happier and feel better, in all aspects of life. 

01. Clean your social media circle.
Clean it like you mean it. Unfriend and unfollow the unnecessary. Unfollow those people who are making you feel bad, mad and sad. If you think your friends are acting nasty towards you through social media, give yourself a break. The unfollow button is just around the corner waiting to be hit. Don't allow your social media friends to ruin your outlook in your life. After all, friends and fans or followers should uplift you and make you feel happy, not the other way around. 
02. Travel (or at least, go out of town).
No, sorry, I'm not encouraging you to book a flight to get your passport stamped. What I want you to do is to visit a place. Just a nearby one. It may be a town next to where you are. Your hometown. Wherever you want to go. Wherever you feel like you will be happy. And don't tell me that you're too broke, because that's also my reason why I don't engage in traveling as much as other millennials do. As a matter of fact, my travel mantra is, "you don't always need a plane ticket to travel". 
03. Reconnect with your hobbies.
The three-month blog hiatus makes me want to extend it for life. I am never good at blogging. I sucked at it. But, who cares? I blog for myself. Not to please anyone. And not to gain a huge amount of followers. I blog because I want to. I blog because it's my hobby. I may not be good at it, but, at the very least, it makes me feel happy. Though I'm still here trying to be creative, I am slowly getting back on track. One blog posts at a time. 
04. Declutter your space.
For me, this is the most difficult task to do. Sometimes, I am a hoarder. And there are times when I just want to throw everything away. It can also be an exhausting task, but trust me. You'll feel relieve, happy and empowered once you've decluttered your space. 
05. Reconnect with the Supreme being.
This one isn't about what's your religion or whether your reading the bible or not, attending mass or other activities. Reconnecting with the Supreme being is firmly believing that someone with that great power exist. Because, to tell you frankly, I almost lost my faith this year. I did question everything. I'm still questioning why I exist. Hahaha. It does feel good to know that no matter how tough my life gets, someone out there is ready to back me up.

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