Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder

August 12, 2016

Searching for an effective face powder that can help in controlling oil buildup is a tedious task for girls (like me) with an oily face (the struggle is real). Though there are a good bunch of face powders available in the market, it is difficult to find the one that is suitable for our skin's individual needs. Luckily, I got the chance to try out a face powder that whitens, controls oil build up, and contains an ample amount of SPF. 

Last month, I am lucky enough to get the chance to work with Leiania House of Beauty. The beautiful Miss Favia of Leiania sent a package filled with amazing products and one of which is the Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder. 

Just like what was mentioned, my face is as oily as a frying pan. I hate to admit it, but it's a fact that I can't hide. Well, even my boyfriend noticed how I oily my face is. Aside from the oily T-zone, my U-zone is too dry these days. Thus, using the powder foundations that I have isn't really advisable. So, when I found out that there's a loose powder included in the package, I am beyond excited to try whether it can combat the oiliness of my T-zone without adding in the dryness of my U-zone. 

Name: Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder

Price: 160 php

Size: 20 grams

Description: "An Eco Organic face powder with natural plant oils and mineral sunblock SPF for a safe, healthy way to whiten skin while protecting from sun damage. Arbutin & Pearl extracts will enhance complexion for a radiant glow. Organic Rose petals powder extract is a healthy toning and calming actives for the most sensitive skin. Controls oiliness, calms skin irritations, protects from the sun and whitens skin."

Review: The Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder looks yellowish white in the tub, but, when it is applied in the face, it has an instant whitening effect that is common to face powders. So, what sets the Rose Pearl Whitening Eco Organic Face Powder apart from the others? The hint of glow and shine it offers. It does have a little amount of sheen when applied. It comes with a powder puff but I prefer to use a large powder brush as it works better for me. 
Rate: Two thumbs up!

Legend for ratings
Two thumbs up: The product exceeds my expectations. It is true to its claim/s and it works perfectly great.
One thumb up: The product is OKAY and it meets my expectation.
One thumb down: The product is good, but there are some aspects (ingredients, formulation, packaging) that need further improvement.
Two thumbs down: The product is NOT okay and I prefer not to use it or recommend to anyone.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored. Rest assured that the opinions stated in this post are solely based on my own and 100% unbiased experience while using the product/s mentioned. For more information, visit my Disclosure Policy page. 

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