FAKE Naked 3 Makeup Brush Set

July 25, 2016

Have you read or watched Kristine's review and comparison of fake makeups? *You can view it HERE. It's interesting to see how brave she is to do just that. I mean, I must admit that I used fake makeup products but I immediately stopped when I experienced one of its worst effects. My face turns oily and my lips experienced its worst state. Yikes!

But, even after that, I still use some fake or imitation. No, I'm afraid to use fake makeups!!! NEVER! I'd rather buy unbranded makeup that is suitable for my budget rather than experiencing the same mishap. 

So, what kind of fake did I use? Makeup brushes! *wink* Makeup brushes and tools, in general, are expensive. A set of makeup brush can cost a whopping 1,000 php or more. For someone like me who can't fully embrace the love for makeup, I can't invest that amount just yet. Thus, I resort to using fake makeup brushes. 

This particular makeup brush is one of the items I got when my sister, her co-teachers, and I went to Divisoria last summer. I did buy liquid lipsticks and I regret it BIG TIME.
Name: Naked 3 Makeup Brush Set (FAKE)

Brand/ Shop: Got is from a stall in Divisoria

Price: 250 php for a set of 12 travel makeup brushes

Review: As far as I can remember, the only brushes that I have tried are the Mary Kay, Elf, and Marrionaud. I haven't had the chance to try an authentic Naked brush set I won't compare this set. 
What I like about this makeup brush set is that 1.) it is affordable, 2.) it comes with a sturdy tin case, 3.) it includes the basic types of brushes needed, 4.) the bristles doesn't shed, 5.) suitable for beginners , and 6.) easy to clean. Overall, I can recommend this brush set for those who are starting out in using makeup. It can also work great as an alternative travel set or spare brush just when you're too lazy to clean your main set. The largest powder brush works great but the foundation brush leaves noticeable streaks. The smaller brushes work great for their own purposes.

Rate: One thumb up: The product is OKAY and it meets my expectation.

Legend for ratings

Two thumbs up: The product exceeds my expectations. It is true to its claim/s and it works perfectly 


One thumb up: The product is OKAY and it meets my expectation.

One thumb down: The product is good, but there are some aspects (ingredients, formulation, 

packaging) that need further improvement.

Two thumbs down: The product is NOT okay and I prefer not to use it or recommend to anyone.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored. I purchased the product/s mentioned or reviewed using my own money. The opinions stated in this post are solely based on my own and 100% unbiased experience while using the product/s mentioned.

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