An Open Letter to the Blogger I Once Idolized

July 8, 2016

You've inspired me to try a new product you just reviewed. You've inspired me to watch the movie you've watched with your SO and friends. You enticed me to read a series of book written by your favorite authors. You inspired me to be happy and thankful for all the things I have in my life. You've inspired me to be a better person by spreading positivity in the smallest way that I can. You've inspired me to be artistic and embrace the world full of arts. And now, you've inspired me to write an open letter to you and the reason why you don't inspire me anymore.

It's been years since the first time I stumbled upon your blog. After reading the first paragraph of your post, I was hooked. The way you play with words is amazing. And the way you present photos and videos are truly mesmerizing. I can say that it was a "love at first read". I keep coming back for more posts. Subscribed to your mailing list and followed you in every social media platforms. 

Visiting your blog became a daily habit. I make sure that I read all your posts though I don't post comments or share anything from your blog. Maybe, just maybe, I'm too shy to even make an appearance in your blog's notification. I am a silent reader, I swear! And I loved everything in your blog. I love not just the blog post but also the design of your template and how you curate everything (#feedgoals) You're an epitome of perfect with a perfect status in life, or at least that's what you want to show to your readers.

Fast forward and your blogging careers blossomed even more. Big brands and companies started to sponsor your blog and host giveaway for followers like me. I always joined those giveaways but find no luck. Your popularity continues and you start modeling and being featured in different magazines. As a blog follower, you make me feel like I am one of the reasons why you reached that state of success. You never failed to thank your followers for the neverending love and support. 

But, what happened? Just recently, I noticed how you shift from being the "positive" and "inspirational" person that you are into an "online monster". You've turned into someone you vowed you'll never be. So, what's this? What happened to you? Did you let success ate the best of you? I am dearly disappointed on how you treat others now. Is it because you're famous? Is it because your followers love to spread hate? Is it because your true colors are revealed? I don't what happened to the blogger I once look up to. What I know is that you're not the blogger I used to know. Your power to inspire positivity turns negative. You don't spread love and entertainment now. What you're trying to show us is the darkest side of who you are. 

For sure, if you happen to read this open letter of mine, it will not affect or awaken your old self. You'll just think how stubborn I am to write an open letter to someone who isn't interested in the sake of her followers. But if this open letter successfully helps you to reflect, I'll be more than willing to cheer you up! I know you're a really good person, online and offline. 

Note: You don't have to block me in viewing any of your social media accounts or blogs, I already lost the urge and excitement I felt whenever you have a new update. Plus, I already stopped visiting your blog because I can't stand how immature you are. 

UPDATE: I don't know if she had read this post! But if she do, I hope that this can help her to reflect and be back on track *cross fingers*. You are one of the best bloggers I followed and I'm still wishing the best for you, not just in the world of blogging but also in your personal life. Cheers! ♥ And as of writing this update, I can already see a bunch of her updates in my Twitter feed. 

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