Five Tools that can Make your Blog Better

June 9, 2016

Are you a novice in the field of blogging? Or your just looking for ways to help you improve your blog. Either way, let me share you these five tools that I personally love to use. These tools aren't solely used for blogging purposes though since you can use it when you need to submit academic papers or projects. Without further ado, here are the five tools that can make your blog better. 

To be honest, I started my blog without knowing anything about disclosure, disclaimer, and other legal terminologies that are interrelated to it. I just blog and use photos or links I find relevant to my post, not knowing that there are some factors that need to be considered before doing so. My first attempt at creating a disclosure policy is done in a "copy paste manner". It s*cks to admit, but I'm really not aware with the importance of etiquette. Luckily, I don't have to make the same manner or mistake since there is a disclosure policy maker that will help to create a compelling policy without the needs of copying from other blogger's blog.
Note: If you want to know more about Disclosure Policy and its importance, read more about it from's Disclosure Policy: Why Your Website Needs One

The blog post's headline is the first thing that will catch the attention of prospect reader. The headline itself has the power to make or break 
the chance of the blog posts to be read. Since I'm working as a writer for quite some time now, I already knew the burden of creating a headline or title that will entice the readers to click the "READ MORE" button. So, I'm using this helpful tool to check whether my headlines are great, nice, or poorly written. By the way, the title of this post is 69%. 

Tool # 3: Pinterest
To start off, I don't know who else doesn't use Pinterest. True to its tagline, Pinterest, without a doubt, is the world's catalog of ideas. My work account for Pinterest is filled with various pins and my personal account is kinda envious. That's why I'm trying to revive my personal account as it helps me to find ideas that are worth trying and sharing. 

Tool # 4: Content Row
Here's another title generator for bloggers like me who's having a hard time in thinking for titles that are worth using. 

Tool # 5: Hootsuite
Having a single social media account isn't enough. However, handling all of your social media accounts can be time-consuming and exhausting. To aid with this, the best tool that you can use is a social media management system like the popular HootSuite. Need more tools? Check the following: Crowdfire and Buffer

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