10 Random Facts About Me

May 29, 2016

Hi, friends and readers! It's been over a month since the last time I posted on my blog. I will admit that I neglected the importance of this blog for quite a long time. But, it doesn't mean that I will abandon this blog of mine. It's just that... I'm too lazy to blog considering that our Internet connection, as well as desktop computer, are not cooperating in the past few months. Yes, I blame other factors for my laziness. 

Since this is a sort of comeback post, I opt not to publish another beauty or product review just yet. Hahaha. I want this post to be more on the personal side. So, I want to introduce myself once again because I haven't done this even though I'm using this blog for quite some time now. I guess, this is the right time to formally introduce myself to my readers (whether you're new or an old friend). 

Fact # 1: Ambivert

I have a love-hate relationship with being social and alone. At first, I thought that I just hate socializing and dealing with other people. But, I realized that I do love to go out and mingle with others. I want to know more and interact with strangers, it's just that my shy self usually takes a toll on me. 

Fact # 2: Underemployed

It was last year when I decided to look for a job. The reason why I settled for a job that isn't in the line of my course is really long. But, as of the moment, I'm enjoying every part of being underemployed. 

Fact # 3: Reptiles

For sure, I am not the only one who is scared of reptiles. I literally hate snakes ever since I can remember. 

Fact # 4: Neighbors

The large majority of the stress I felt is caused by our neighbors. Hahaha. I don't want to elaborate this. I JUST HATE OUR NEIGHBORS.

Fact # 5: Lawyer

To tell you frankly, I want to be a lawyer. However, our economic status can't support me right now. In God's will and perfect timing, hopefully, I can become one. 

Fact # 6: Organic

After using a harsh rejuvenating set, I noticed that my skin looked worst than ever. And I don't want to torture my skin, especially my face anymore. Since I stopped using that set, I vow to use skincare products that are made from organic ingredients. 

Fact # 7: Boring

If there's one word that can describe me, then "boring" is the best term to use. 

Fact # 8: Bully

I remembered being called in the dean's office because one of my classmates accused me of cyberbullying. Hahaha. Up until now, I don't regret my decision to show how tough I am to contest her allegations. Aside from that, it also helped me to become a better and responsible social media user, so #NOREGRETS.

Fact # 9: Blue

I just love this color ever since. For me, the color blue resembles the skies and seas- two of my favorite things. 

Fact # 10: FM Static

When I was in high school, I heard FM Static's first few songs, Tonight and Moment of Truth. Since then, this band has been my favorite. It's just sad that the band is just a side project of Steve and Trevor of Thousand Foot Krutch. 

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