Three Uses of Castor Oil I Swear By

March 20, 2016

Last year, the beauty and skin care community was bombarded (in a good way) by oils. Yes, different kinds of natural oils from coconut, castor, lavender, sunflower, and a lot more. There are countless of natural oils available in the market and online shopping sites. Just like the other trends in the skin care industry, the natural oils become a huge trend. There's no wonder with that since natural oils offer a handful of benefits without harming the skin. Because of this, the curious kid in me wants to try whether natural oils are really worth it. 

The first type of natural oil I tried is the coconut oil or VCO. We have this bottle for quite a while but I never have the guts to try it because I don't like the scent of coconut oil. But, after reading numerous reviews and blogs about VCO, I gave in. I used VCO as a hair mask every once in a while. Aside from that, I already gave up using lip balms and opt for the VCO instead. It works great as it helps to prevent chapped lips (my lip tends to dry, real dry)

After using VCO for several weeks, I noticed that my sister uses another type of oil- castor oil. I'm not really familiar with it so I warned my sister to stop using products that she knew from Pinterest. However, she continued using and applying it in her eyelashes and eyebrows. At first, I though that using castor oil is nonsense, and a waster of time and money. But when I noticed that my sister's eyebrows and eyelashes grows longer, I can no longer stop myself from trying castor oil as well. Since she had two bottles (original and the orange flavored Castor oils), I asked her if its OK to use the orange flavored Castor oil.

1. Eyelashes and eyebrows

Every Christmas, my cousins (from my mama' side) are having a get together. Of course, we have a non stop bonding and I always noticed that my cousins' eyelashes are really #GOALS. Considering that they are ages 4-10, their eyelashes are long and stunning. To make the long story short, I envy their eyelashes. So, when I found out that castor oil is used in eyelash serums, I immediately emptied a mascara tube and transfer some Castor oil. After a month, my eyelashes become longer as well as my eyebrows. Now, I can already leave without putting any product on my eyebrows. 

2. Pimples

I'm blessed to have a combination skin type. So my t-zone are prone to pimples and acnes. Aside from that, my skin is really sensitive to stress. A little stress can already cause my fave to breakout. Argh! Luckily, I found out that castor oil is an effective alternative to spot treatments. Whenever I see a zit peeking, I dab castor oil in the spot after I wash and tone my face. After the night, I'll wake up seeing that my zit flattens an the redness fade already. 

3. Lips

For almost two years, I've been attached to my trusted lip balm. But, after knowing that lip balms are made with harmful chemicals, I try to limit myself from using it. And castor oil is a great alternative. I just apply a generous amount of Castor oil before I sleep and the next day, my lips is softer and chapped-free. No need for harmful lip balm.

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