Four Tools to Help Bloggers Write Better

February 27, 2016

Gone are the days when the blogging community doesn't really care with messy (and useless) blog posts available on the World Wide Web. The blogosphere had changed drastically as the wonders of the Internet continue to flourish.
When it comes to blogging, having contents in the form of written posts is one of the most popular and utilized. However, not all of us are talented enough to write original and engaging contents without the needs of utilizing various writing tools and apps.
Personally, I opt to use writing tools more than ever. No wonder because my work as a Web Content Writer opened up my mind to the importance of having a well-written, readable and useful article that are beneficial for the readers.

1. Grammar checker
As a blogger, our blogs serve as an open book for readers (and grammar Nazis). For sure, you have a fair share of experience in dealing with grammar Nazis. It hurts when they criticize our works, but, we can't blame them if we wrote "I awe a lot from you" instead of "I owe a lot from you". 
Grammar and spelling can be a tricky business that even professional writers experience some downfalls. To aid with this, apps like Grammarly can help us spot common spelling and grammar mistakes. Grammarly is my current life savior.  
Suggested App/ Software: GRAMMARLY

2. Plagiarism checker
In the industry of blogging, having an original content is a must. However, creating a unique content is not easy, but it isn't difficult as well. 
In order to write and come up with unique contents, use your own ideas guided by the information and data coming from reliable sources. To check whether your thoughts and phrases are already available on the World Wide Web, you can try several plagiarism checkers. 

3. Title generator
Writer's block? Even bloggers experience that. To help combat writer/ blogger's block which results in the difficulty in crafting striking titles and headlines, there are various title generators available. 
The only downside of using these tools are the limited when it comes to title suggestion but it perfectly works to fuel your creativity in crafting the title. 

4. Readability test or checker
Once upon a time, I experienced revising an article because it is not suitable for the readers. In other words, my article is a trash! It hurts to accept the fact that the articles I wrote are considered nonsense because readers won't be able to grasp the idea or topic. This heart wrecking reality awakened me that articles are meant to satisfy the hunger of readers to get new information. It is not about the fancy and flowery words because articles should focus on the value of the contents. 
Suggested App/ Software: READABILITY SCORE

Flesch readability test that helps to remove the clutter in the content while keeping its sense complete. It also works as an evaluator that determines whether the article is readable or not.

I hope these apps or software I shared can help you blog and write better!
Happy Blogging! *wink*

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